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Bayard Rustin


"I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing Michael work his magic on a day-to-day basis.  Everyone — from senior execs to line employees — became better workers and better people as a result of his deeply-insightful observations, efficient “get things done” approach and very human empathy.  When Michael works with you, you are truly inspired and guided to be your very best."

Stuart McFaul

Stuart McFaul Associates, Marketing Strategy

"I've worked with a lot of coaches.  The outcome of my work with Michael has, by far, had the most impact on how I have evolved as a leader. From buy-outs and potential acquisitions to navigating difficult relationships, he has literally helped me with every facet of my business. First and foremost, he listens. He knows the questions to ask and the frameworks to offer. He also reminds me, through his strongly Socratic approach, when I need to give myself a swift kick or a moment of grace. When I start scratching my head, I know it’s time for another session."

Lisa Jordan

CEO, Mindpower Inc.

"I’ve worked with Michael both as a colleague and as a client.  I’ve watched him turn dysfunctional executive teams into highly effective, confident, collaborative leaders. He has a well-honed skill to be able to identify a team’s problems and meet them where they are.   


As a personal executive coach, Michael has helped me navigate through a number of challenging decisions and difficult clients. His unique talent for re-framing an issue provides direct guidance while allowing for self-discovery. His advice is delivered with heart-centered wisdom and caring; with frankness, candor and honesty."

Walt Boyle

Marketing Strategy & Branding Consultant

"Michael has founded several businesses as well as working as an exec at several others.  His experience allows him to bring both an outsider's perspective and grounding in what should be done.  He is able to integrate strategy with the practicalities of what can be done and knows when to push for something more that can make the difference between good and great."

David Subar

CTO, Interna

“I’ve worked closely with Michael for over five years and witnessed a mature, bright, and dedicated man take an adolescent organization and lead it into a high-functioning competent entity.  Michael has a way of leading with compassion, clarity and decisive decision making. He is thoughtful and kind while being a force of nature for getting things done. He is inclusive of different points of view and committed to diversity of board, staff and programing. Bottom line:  Refined and Impressive Leader.”

Chuck Roppel

Master Coach, Former Faculty of Co-Active Training Institute, Board Member

"I have been working with Michael Barton as a leadership and Organizational Development coach for over three years, and I can honestly say that he is a game-changer. His steady coaching has crystallized my priorities and helped catalyze significant growth in our organization. Michael is accessible yet demanding, supportive yet challenging, warm yet unflinching. I am a better leader because of him, and I am ever-grateful for his big vision, on par with his big heart."

Coaching Client

CEO of fast growth company

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